Octane is a free, open-source GameMaker.

Octane will be a good solution for both game making beginners and experts alike. For beginners because of no need to code a simple game; for experts because of its advanced (full) Python scripting and full source code access.

Octane is written in Python – a great object-oriented programming language. OpenGL runs the games. Because of OpenGL, Octane delivers an easier way to make games running at blazing fast speeds.

Octane is currently in the pre-alpha/alpha stage. It is availible for download at Octane’s SourceForge page or over here.

Octane v0.3 has gained many new features, such as:

  • Completely rewriten core
  • Full object events-and-actions support
  • Full scene support
  • I left Pyglet/Rabbyt (because of Vista and some Linux isssues) but migrated to OpenGL
  • Awesome scene editing
  • View Code dialog
  • Resource packing
  • Correction of more bugs
  • Many, many more things

Note for Linux:

Octane is completely developed in Windows and tested in only Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. However, I DO know that Octane’s Linux dependencies are:

  • > or = python 2.6
  • MUST > or = pyqt 4.5
  • pygame
  • python-opengl

(Works best under sudo.)

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