These past several months, I have been involved with many various projects (Arduino, Blender, and C to name a few). I have only now realized that Octane – my biggest project – needs the most attention. If there is anything that I have learned from my experience with application development, there is nothing I hate more than an application release every eight months. The bottom line is that I’m sorry from keeping you guys in anticipation. However, I should have something to show for this week. (Expect a release and demos of the new, physics–enhanced, stand-alone API!) After this, I will re-code the Editor in a more structured, predictable, and coder-friendly matter. One that is completed, I will bind the Editor and API together for Octane v.4! I have also realized that I am not updating the SVN repository as often as I should be. When the basic API is finished (hopefully this week), I will update the repository.

3 Responses to “Apologies…”

  1. 3mpty says:

    Just discovered your website/project.
    I’m downloading octane right now and I’ll post later my impressions (years ago I was an active Game Maker user, so I understand the potential of projects like this in attracting programmers and wannabes to opensource technologies and languages like python and to game making).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. 3mpty says:

    It looks promising but the v0.3 is not ready to do some serious work.
    I’m looking forward to try the v.4

  3. polar f4 says:

    This is indeed a fantastic resource. Thank you for making this publicly available.

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