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  1. GodDesign says:

    We need a better 2 d game meaker like, game engine. It is necesarry for artists who do not have game programing knowlege or not time.
    We now that is a loot of work when a game is made from start to end and is need a loot of people to be involved to make a cool game.
    It is more better to have a verry good tool like octane or scirra contruct to make the game without need to program it just design and play. It is good to have a game maker that is multiplatform and suport all shader on all platforms. I like shader effect on construct like bump map. Its a verry good feature.
    To bad that scirra construct is not made multiplatform using alsow directx and open gl.
    (Sorry for my bad english if i make gramar mistakes.)

  2. GatorAlli says:

    The main selling point of this engine is to be open-source and somewhat cross-platform. I think this is the only game maker I know to run on OpenGL. And yes, I hope that this software will benefit artists and programmers alike.

  3. Lenny says:

    Gnu/Linux? Is this only written for windows or can it be cross compiled?

  4. GatorAlli says:

    It can be cross compiled. However, I have not had much time to do it.

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